Wednesday, March 30, 2011

FYI from Leigh! at Lunch 3/30/11

If you are interested in topics that came up during this week's show, here are a few links and tips from Leigh at Lunch on Blog Talk Radio 3/30/11, "Matt Interviews Jonathan Bartlett." (Click on the title to listen to the show archive).

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  • Tune in next Wednesday, April 6, at 12 noon EST to talk with Matt and Nancy Pearcey, the author of The Soul of Science. To get a taste of her passion for science and faith, check out her interview with Jennifer Courtney on the CC Writers Circle.

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  • Notes from today's show
  • Register now for "Toward the Quadrivium," a series of talks with Leigh Bortins and Nancy Pearcey about science and teaching the quadrivium: April 29-30 in Manassas, Virginia.
  • To purchase your own copy of Defeating Darwinism, visit the CC Bookstore.
  • Read more of Jonathan's articles on the CC Writers Circle.
  • Visit the Blyth Institute to learn about Jonathan's work on the research and study of biology.
  • Read more about 20th century scientist and philosopher Michael Polanyi's views on the origins of scientific thought. Also see this article: "The Biblical Insights of Michael Polanyi."
  • To understand the tension between the National Center for Science Education and Christian biologists, see the Center's "about us" page.
  • To get one perspective on the difference between intelligent design and creation science, check out this article from the Center for Science and Culture.
  • Read the NAS paper on the criminal justice system and choice: "The Lucretian Swerve."
  • Christian screenwriter Brian Godawa (To End All Wars) produced a short film "Cruel Logic" about choice and ethics (video from YouTube).
  • Read "From Evolution to Creation: The Testimony of Dr. Richard Lumsden." For more stories like this, check out the book Persuaded by the Evidence: True Stories of Faith, Science, and the Power of a Creator.
  • To get involved, interested students should read Defeating Darwinism, Understanding the Pattern of Life (specific to creation biology, for upper high school students), and The New Creationism.
  • Want to go into creation science as a career? Check out the Creation Biology Society conferences. Jonathan recommends that students who want to study creation science in college visit New Saint Andrews College, Patrick Henry College, Liberty University, and Cedarville University.
  • Also, contact Jonathan via the Blyth Institute ( if your students would like to write a book review for the Creation Biology Society newsletter.
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