Monday, March 28, 2011

Jonathan Bartlett on Leigh! at Lunch

Dear Friends,

This Wednesday, March 30 at 12 noon on Leigh! at Lunch, while Leigh is traveling, please join host Matt Bianco and Jonathan Bartlett as they talk about the intersections between faith and science.

Jonathan Bartlett is the director of The Blyth Institute (, a nonprofit organization dedicated to research and education in new paradigms of biology. He also wrote the book Programming from the Ground Up, which was required reading at Princeton for a few years. Jonathan’s interest in biology and genetics came from his family’s battles with genetic illnesses, which required him to stay on top of the current medical and biological literature.

Last year Jonathan graduated with a Master of Theological Studies degree from Phillips Theological Seminary. Jonathan is married to his wife Christa, and they have had five children together - Daniel, Andrew, Nathan, David, and Isaac. Christa teaches in the Challenge program in Classical Conversations of Tulsa.

Click here to read one of Jonathan's articles for the CC Writers' Circle.

Call or chat in your questions and comments for Jonathan and Matt!

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