Friday, April 1, 2011

  • Home schooling's appeal spreads to mainstream
    (Reuters): "Studying at Harvard, meeting for group French lessons, volunteering at a hospital and spending a day in the wilderness are just a glimpse into a typical day of home schooling, which looks dramatically different today from just a mere decade ago..."
  • Greentree News is kids' homeschool project
    (Kearney): Read more about these three home school students' project creating their own newspaper. Why not make your own?
  • Liberal arts help provide a look into our humanity
    (Anchorage Daily News): "For it's in the liberal arts courses that the most fundamental aspects of the individual and society are addressed: love, justice, fairness, decency, wisdom. In another important commentary, 'The Core: Teaching Your Child the Foundations of Classical Education,' Leigh Bortins writes that students who have confronted these issues in liberal arts courses learn to make better decisions. Dr. Smatresk should probably read these books."
  • On the Art of Seeing
    (CiRCE): To have a truly aesthetic sensibility, sometimes we have to stop and re-learn how to look.
  • Public School Math Doesn't Teach Students How to Reason
    Interesting argument from mathematician Sanjoy Mahajan at the Freakonomics blog.

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